Why You Should Drink Espressos

Drinking espressos in a cold day can be warming and calm. Originated from Italy, espresso has been spread to all over the world for its fine taste and creamy texture. For you who like to work late at night, drinking espresso can make you stay up and energised to finish the task. There is no secret anymore that coffee can give you many advantages. You need to know why you should drink espressos for more.

Here are some reasons why you need to drink espresso k cups in your daily life:

1. Lose some weight

You may drink other beverages and gain much weight. But do not worry when you drink espresso. It contains low calorie. If you do not add any sugar or cream, it just contains three calories per ounce. So, for you who want to do healthy diet, it can be the best solution.

2. Improve long-term memory

Based on the research conducted by Michael Yassa from the University of California, drinking caffeine can improve the long-term memory. Caffeine in the espresso can help you memorising things better. So, for a better memory, drink 1-2 cups of espresso every day. Do not drink for more than 2 cups to keep its benefit.

3. Increase attention

When you find it hard to pay attention to the lecture done by your lecturer, espresso can be your pick to drink before the class begins. This one reason of why you should drink espressos is the most common thing known by people. You may see many people start their day by drinking a cup of coffee. No wonder that they can concentrate more as they drink espresso in the morning. It is because of neuro-chemical interaction that helps the brain to maintain its focus.

4. Reducing the risk of heart disease

Getting older, people are usually afraid of getting heart disease. But if you take the daily intake of coffee, then you do not have to worry too much. It can help you getting the lower risk of heart disease for a better quality life in your old days.

5. Reducing the risk of diabetes

Based on a study, you can reduce the risk of getting diabetes if you drink one or two cups of coffee every day. But remember to not add sugar or cream too much to keep its benefit. There is no better reason than this.

6. Reducing the risk of Parkinson

When you get old, forgetting things can be common. But if you drink more coffee, the risk of getting Parkinson is low.

7. Reduce the risk of stroke

The last reason for drinking coffee is that it can reduce the risk of getting a stroke. Coffee contains antioxidant to keep you away from serious illness. So, for better health in the future, drink any espresso that you like for about 1-2 cups per day.

There are many benefits you can get from drinking espresso. You can also choose certain kind of espresso that you like. Just be careful with the addition of sugar and cream, and you are free to go. As the benefits are so many for why you should drink espressos, you can start drinking it as soon as possible.