What is a double hung window

Window style is not only for art, but it also gives off more than that. The window style can reflect the overall beauty of the home—inside and outside of it. Selecting the right one will always be a crucial thing.

Want a cozy night in your home amidst winter evenings? Want to open and close it without too much trouble? Want one that matches the total style of your home? Or do you prefer something that will be easier to clean and replace once broken? Then, you can choose between having a double-hung window or a single-hung window.

There are many things to consider before reaching the final decision whether a double-hung or single-hung will be best to use at home. But what is a double hung window? How does it vary from a single hung window? What are their similarities? What are the things to consider before buying one?

Their Similarities

Both windows have similarities, and it is important to know it first. Single-hung and Double-hung windows have a rectangular frame, but sometimes they are also square. The frame is where both of their glasses are located. Also, both are vertical sliding windows. The rectangular/square frame is also known as a sash. Looking from a distance, the windows will look similar to each other.

Their Differences

After knowing their similarities, it is time to look at their differences. In a double-hung window, both of its sashes can open and slide up and downward, whatever you like. But in a single-hung window, only the lower sash can open up into the bottom. The top is already fixed, making it weather resistant.

Advantage of Double-hung Window

The double-hung window has a good advantage with it, that’s why it became popular with many people today. The double-hung window is so much easier to clean than the single-hung. The sash can tilt, make it easier to clean from inside of the house, most especially if it is ground-level. The cleaning can take place in and outside the house.

Regarding airflow, the double-hung window will be handy. Both sashes can be opened widely. Cooler air can easily enter to the lower sash while warm air exits to the upper. The room will then be cooler with this function of the window. Also, the window is much easier to use and operate once you master how to open and close it with ease. Once the lower sash broke down, you can fix it with the tools you have at home.

Advantage of Single-hung Window

The window is much useful when dealing with leakage and air infiltration. Since the upper sash is permanently fixed, it will block such elements. It won’t loosen like how a double-hung window will.

When it comes to the cost, this window is cheaper. The single-hung window is also a good choice if you have small kids or babies at home. They won’t easily have access to it and won’t be able to escape the house through the window. It is fewer worries for babies who love to climb windows.

After knowing the differences and similarities of the two, it will be a question of which. Before purchasing, compare the two and decide according to what’s preferably good. Take this as a guide to choosing your window!